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Would you like an easy way to manage your corporate PowerPoint presentations so that they have a consistent look and feel in line with corporate brand values?

We have developed an AddIn for PowerPoint allowing the standard slides in the master template (for example company description or biographies) to be managed centrally by a designated member of staff (administrator) and available to users throughout the organisation. In that way it is possible to ensure that all the core or standard slides, are up to date and consistent throughout the company.

Created for PowerPoint 2007 through to 2013, we add a dedicated toolbar to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 user ribbon

How PowerPoint Presentation manager works

Master Template Slides

The master template contains two types of slides:

  1. Blank slides – in the corporate style ready for the user to add content for the individual presentation eg title page, contents page, single column text, two column text, table slides plus various pre-formatted graph slides (pie, bar, line)
  2. Standard corporate slides – these are partially or completely pre-filled slides that contain real up-to-date company information eg managers profile slides, company history slides, client list, case studies etc.


These are accessed through two macro buttons located on the toolbar –
New presentation (1) and Add slide (2) – which allow users to create a new presentation or add slides to an existing presentation using slides from the centrally-controlled master presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 macro buttons numbered presentation manager

Creating a new presentation

Clicking the New presentation button opens a dialog box allowing users to select from the range of centrally held slides and order them to create the basis for a new presentation. Clicking on a slide in the list displays a thumbnail of the relevant slide.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 presentation manager dialog box

Having selected the slides they want users click Create NEW Presentation to create a PowerPoint presentation that they can then use, edit or add to in the normal way.

Clicking the Add Slide button allows the user to re-open the dialog box and add the more slides from the master presentation.

Managing the system

The Presentation manager also has a specific admin tab which can be rolled out to designated members of staff. This allows them to control and manage the settings and master presentation that is available to users.

Master slides can then be edited from the administration tab and will then be available to other users through the audit feature.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 presentation manager admin slide control

Audit slides

If you have been working on a presentation for a while you can run the audit feature and check if any of the content slides have been changed. The relevant slide can then be updated with the latest version created by an administrator.

Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 presentation manager slide audit
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