Quick, consistent and professional letters

The key to writing a letter more quickly is to streamline entering standard elements.

In Brochet’s letter template the user can choose the office address and the sender’s details from a drop down list, and type in the important details without having to worry about typing accurately.

If a company has different brands or divisions we can also switch to the relevant logo.

Users can produce letters faster and more accurately, plus IT only has to roll out a single template for the whole company.

Below is a fuller explanation explanation of what can be achieved.

How it works

If you want to get a better idea of what is involved we’ve illustrated below the main elements of a letter template.

Initial dialog box

Select office (1)

Many clients have a series of offices; some also have multiple company entities. Charter Hall in Australia had 90 variants which we were able to manage with just one template. All templates work on the same principles but are built to suit each client.

letter template microsoft word 2013 office drop down list

Choosing the office from the drop down list will place the appropriate address on the letterhead.

The drop down is created from an ini file (see image below) which holds the key company details. This file is simple to edit by the client so day to day changes can be made without having to involve Brochet. Typical changes would include moving offices or adding a new office. microsoft word 2013 letter template ini file

Paper size (2)

A client with offices in both US and UK needed to switch paper sizes.

microsoft word 2013 letter template paper size

This not only adjusts the margin so that the editable text widths are the same but also selects the appropriate paper tray from the printer so that the correct paper is used.


User/sender details (3) & (4)

microsoft word 2013 letter template update user

The user can create their own list of senders by clicking on the Update User details button (see below). Alternatively the users list can be a subset of the companies Active Directory or Outlook Global Address List (GAL).

microsoft word 2013 letter template create senders list

The sender’s details (4) are then available from the drop down. The names that appear in the drop down are locally held for each user.

microsoft word 2013 letter template sender's details

The final copy of letter as it would appear is shown here (we have added a couple of paragraphs of text after the subject heading):microsoft word 2013 letter template print preview

Multi-functional letter template

Many clients use the letter template for more than just one page letters eg:

  • Contract of employment issued by the HR department.
  • Building surveys produced by Property companies

This is achieved by adding an option for legal numbering of headings and paragraphs.

Easily managed regulated information

Company letterheads need to carry formal information which may change, for example:

  • registered company number and address
  • commitment to official standards eg Solicitors Regulation Authority or Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

By holding this in the ini file (see earlier) it can be updated by the client themselves as necessary without reference to Brochet.

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