• Harnessing Microsoft Office-Word-Power-Excel It’s tough to keep Microsoft Office files looking just how you want them. Our templates match your designs perfectly. So you can produce professional, on brand material, fast. Every time.

  • Our templates have a job to do. The need to make your life simpler. So we work hard to build things in a way that users relate to and can understand.

  • Graphic Saves time

     Who wants to spend time fighting with Word? With our tools you can create professional and consistently branded documents faster and more easily. Freeing up time to concentrate on what matters.

  • We like our clients to stay with us because they value what we do and like working with us. You have complete control and access to manage your systems.

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    Our first priority is always the user. IT and admin come a close second. We make Word and PowerPoint do the things you want and without a big fight so maybe you can head home just a little earlier.

Making Word and PowerPoint easy

Work efficiently and deliver professional, branded output from Microsoft Office

We save companies significant time by helping them to quickly and reliably produce high quality, professional and consistently branded documents and presentations using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

We are a boutique professional services firm working as Microsoft Office consultants and software developers.

Key client groups are law firms and bids, proposals and new business teams.

Key benefits

Easy to use solutions, minimal training

Most clients are able to start using our templates without training or with a maximum of an hour’s demonstration

Easy to install and maintain

No additional IT costs because they are developed within Word (using VBA and Visual Studio). All company information (address details etc) is held in a single, separate data file allowing the client to make text changes (address, partner lists) with minimal testing.

Consistent corporate brand

Everyone can create documents that have a consistent and professional look and feel.

Easy to collaborate on documents

Users can easily work on a shared document and retain consistent formatting.

Value for money

In addition to time saving tools, we work hard to give clients as much control as we can. That way they can make minor changes themselves if they want to and only enlist our help on more complex issues.

Improved productivity

Staff create documents in the corporate style swiftly and simply without having in-depth knowledge of Word.

Reliable and robust

One client installed a suite of our Word templates in 2003 and did not require our help until 2007 when they re-branded. During this time they moved offices twice and opened a number of new European offices the details of which appeared on their letterheads.


The easiest way to get to grips with our templates is to see them working live. We are very happy to come and show you some of our work and discuss any frustrations you may have. Alternatively we demonstrate live over the internet using WebEx. We also have a short video of letter and report templates in use .

We also have an older video of a how a letter template would be used. It is for Office 2003 but the principles still hold good.


Brochet case studies

  • A partnership to develop Microsoft Word
  • Network Rail template cover
  • Bird & BirdBusiness development Microsoft Word template Microsoft Word case study
  • Lowry purple theatre Microsoft Word template report image

Latest articles

  • 4 September 2020

    Autotext styles problem in Microsoft Word 365

    We had reports of problems appearing in the some of the paragraph styles in our client Word templates running in Microsoft 365. Styles are being randomly changed in a block of Autotext when we insert it into a document.

    It seems to affect styles associated with numbering built into the style. We thought at first the style had corrupted but after much more investigation we were able to isolate and recreate the problem.

    Paragraph styles in saved blocks of Autotext are randomly reassigned to a new style. We have established that only affects Word 365. It does not affect Word in Office 10, 13 or 16.

    This problem was introduced in June 2nd 2020 Version 2005 (Build 12827.20268) of Word in Microsoft 365. The last working version was May 21st 2020 Version 2004 (Build 12730.20352)

    For the IT community if you felt you needed to roll back to an earlier version here is an article that may help – How to revert to an earlier version of Office

    We have successfully rolled back a test machine.

    Microsoft has accepted that there is an issue and has taken details of the problem. They have not given us any information on when and if the issue will be resolved.

    If you’d like to talk to us about any of the issues feel free to give us a call – 01264 560940

  • 13 July 2020

    Cloud fonts in Microsoft 365

    There is a listing of fonts available in Cloud versions of Microsoft Office – that is Word, PowerPoint, Excel. There are the same fonts that are available in desktop applications.

    This is where you find a listing of the fonts.

    Cloud fonts are available to Microsoft Office 365 subscribers on all platforms anddevices. Documents that use cloud fonts will render correctly in Office 2019. You can embed cloud fonts for use with older versions of Office.

    Finally, there is a Guide to Cloud Fonts in Microsoft Office 365 that gives you an illustration of every font plus one or two brief notes.

  • 3 July 2020

    A new DMS option for law firms – CARA

    The CARA Workspace – an intelligent platform, capable of managing both data and documents – is an exciting new alternative for law firms

    We have partnered with Generis, who we know well, from working with pharmaceutical firms for over 20 years, to be able to offer CARA to our clients. It can help them to achieve greater efficiencies and control over their legal documents. Version control, house styles and cloud-based document management will combine to great effect.

    The full press release:

    Generis Knowledge Management announced that they will be partnering with UK based template company Brochet. Taking the step to formalise the partnership between the two companies will allow new and existing customers to benefit from a seamless integration of the CARA Workspace with legal templates from Brochet. Together the two companies provide configurations which are suitable for law firms and the legal departments of companies in other industries, such as pharmaceuticals.

    The CARA Workspace is an intelligent platform, capable of managing both data and documents, used across a number of different industries. CARA provides a consistently compliant base platform to quickly set up simple and complex use cases which enables users to standardize business processes across the board. The CARA solution for Contract Management and Legal offers additional pre-configured functionality to manage the lifecycle of documents, from initial draft through review (including a comparison of changes between versions), approval negotiation and amendment, together with e-signatures and processes to renew, retire or archive contracts.

    Brochet helps law firms improve the quality and accuracy of their legal documents in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. They craft templates to the most demanding of briefs meaning that they can integrate continuously with document management systems, managing and populating client, matter and author details. They can use precedent documents as a base, or add blocks of content in the initial build, to streamline the production of new documents. This delivers accurately branded professional and compliant documents. The experience for the end-user is simple and intuitive and places few demands on IT support. Our products are continuously refined to ensure users can concentrate on the quality of the content without getting bogged down in production. Together, Generis and Brochet have created a connector which allows seamless integration into CARA.

    “Ensuring that document content is authored and presented in a consistent way, with easy management of complex formatting and styles, is critical for our customers, who manage that content in CARA”, said James Kelleher, CEO of Generis. “This is why we are pleased to be able to offer this control of content through our partnership with Brochet.”

    “This partnership will allow us to integrate our templates and tools with CARA and develop a powerful cloud-based document management and generation system.” said Nikki Pike, Founding Director of Brochet.

    About Generis

    Generis is a global leader in content and information management systems, specialising in proven solutions for regulated industries. Established in 1997 as a consultancy group, Generis has since grown and developed alongside its flagship product CARA. Our mission is to provide a system which is highly configurable and user friendly; a dedicated team works hard to guarantee customer satisfaction. Currently counting over 450,000 users across numerous industries worldwide, including 8 of the 10 largest Life Science companies. CARA provides comprehensive and flexible functionality for simple and complex business use cases including RIM, Quality Documents/QMS, Labelling, eTMF,

    Find out more at https://www.generiscorp.com

    About Brochet

    Brochet builds a working environment to write and edit documents in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for major law firms and corporate clients. Our dedicated desktop, ribbon and templates integrate seamlessly with all the major document management systems, allowing the end-user to control the output of important documents from their desktop. Brochet’s tools are highly specific and carefully crafted to align with the client’s preferred way of working. Founded over 20 years ago by Nikki Pike, who is a recognised authority in Word in the legal sector, our clients include six UK Top 50 law firms and major corporate organisations, including Bird & Bird, Womble Bond Dickinson and Ordnance Survey.

    Find out more at https://brochet.co.uk

  • 27 February 2020

    Why good design should matter to lawyers (and everyone else)

    One of the hot topics to be discussed at the upcoming British Legal Technology Forum 2020 is Legal Design. And it’s got me thinking …

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  • 26 July 2019

    The frustration of setting style of default blank Excel workbook

    I’ve just spent ages trying to sort out how the blank workbook launches. These notes refer to Excel in Office 16 and 365.

    What tripped me up is that you can control the blank workbook displayed when you open Excel but you can only change the font settings for the Blank workbook you use when you choose File then New and Blank workbook.

    Read More
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