Auto daily report – linking to Excel

Clients use Excel to manipulate large amounts of data but when they need to produce more professional and accessible reports they prefer to use Word. However that is time consuming and open to creating errors.

For a number of clients we have automated this process. One client calculated that our system saved two hours a day in producing their daily flyer.

Intraday report

We built an Excel worksheet for Energy Quote from which they could generate a report in Word to send to their clients.

Excel source sheet for Energy quote example

There are three buttons for the morning, midday and afternoon versions. The Excel sheet is populated directly from a live Reuters feed. As well as the current price there is a graph of one year’s price movements. The graph automatically resets the date to move on by one day, every day.

To create a new flyer all the user need to do is:

  • click the Update graphs button to reset the five graph ranges to contain the last years data (from today’s date)
  • click the Create Morning/Midday/Afternoon report button to automatically generate the flyer as a Word document.

The Word template lays out the data in line with the detailed layouts prepared by their designers. The three alternative reports are differentiated by the banners at the top of the page and the afternoon version also allows Energy Quote to add their round up commentary on the day.

This is an example of the pdf created from the Word file created by clicking on Create Midday Report

PDF of Word file created for Energy Quote
Excel Word
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