Default installation instructions

Document and template files

A Microsoft Word document does not contain any macros. Instead the macros are all held in the template. As a result to be able to run the macros (giving access to tools like table formatting commands) Word needs to be able to locate the template that created the document. It remembers the file location of that template so is able to re-open the link to the template and its macros.

If the template is moved, or the document is opened on another machine, it will not find the template and so none of the custom tools will be available.

Using Save As to create a .dotx template file or .dotm template file (one that contains macros) will defualt to the user’s roaming location in My Documents which will be different on every computer.

Microsoft therefore have a location C:/Program files/Microsoft Office/Templates that is common to all computers where Word will also look for the relevant template.

Installing Templates

We will typically supply you with three files:

  • global template to create the client tab on the ribbon
  • document template/s
  • ‘ini’ file generally containing client information such as offices which the template will reference

For Office 2013 the ‘Global’ file needs to be saved to C:/Program files/ Microsoft Office/Office15/STARTUP. (For Office 2010 it would be Office14; for Office 2007 it would be Office12)

Subject to the preferences of your IT department we would recommend saving the document templates to:

C:/Program files/Microsoft Office/Templates

Some clients run the templates from a location on a server. This will work fine but you should be aware of one issue. When the computer is off line (for example working on a laptop on a train) the user will not have access to the custom tools.

The ultimate choice rests with the client.

If you would like to discuss your particular circumstances or are having any difficulty with setting up the templates please call us and we can talk you through any issues.

Security Settings for Macros

Microsoft Word has the ability to restrict the use of macros in documents. You can read about this fully in our article about potential problems here.

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