Bond Dickinson use Brochet Paste

Bond Dickinson chose to update their precedent library using Brochet Paste as they found it to be most efficient approach.

In June 2015 we rolled out a new set of legal, Word templates for Bond Dickinson. Brochet Paste was integral to the success of the roll out as Bond Dickinson did not need to re-format any of its large library of precedent documents prior to the roll-out. With the library containing more than 2,000 documents, this would have been another project in its own right. Instead users can copy the required text to the clipboard and, with a single click, update the precedent library documents as they use them.

On the second day of the rollout at Bond Dickinson, I watched a member of IT support show a user how to convert a 600 page document from their old set of styles into the new house styles. With one click and after less than 2 minutes processing, the new document contained all the copied content which was re-formatted to an accuracy of more than 95%+. It just required the user to check through and see all was OK. All the cross references, footnotes, tables etc had been maintained. Any areas where the numbering logic did not look quite right were highlighted with a ‘Brochet Comment’ so the user could quickly do a double check.

Nikki Pike


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