Insert a landscape page into a portrait document

In order to add a landscape page you need to change the page orientation to Landscape in Page Setup in the Layout tab. Of course just doing this will change the whole of the document to Landscape. To have just one page in landscape, you will need to go through a number of steps. All are simple but they need to be done correctly and in the correct order. The steps are:

(But first; top tip, make sure Show/Hide markers is on by clicking on the pilcrow button ¶ on the Home tab so that you can see the paragraph marks)

  1. Insert Next Page Section break. Place your cursor where you want the landscape page. Go to the Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab and click the arrow next to ‘Breaks’. Click ‘Next Page’ section break, the section break is inserted and your cursor is on a new page below it.
  2. Change page orientation after the Section break to Landscape. Orientation is also on the Page Setup group of the Page Layout tab. Make sure your cursor is after the section break and choose Landscape.
  3. Add some text to your Landscape page This is not strictly necessary right now but it does help you to keep track of where things are in the document.
  4. Insert Next Page Section break after the Landscape text. Same as 1.
  5. Change the orientation after the second section break to Portrait. Same as 2 but this time choose Portrait orientation.
  6. Adjust margins in the landscape section if required. Check that you are happy with the margins and adjust as necessary.
  7. Adjust headers and footers in Landscape section and following section if required. If your headers and footers need to be different in the landscape section then you need to uncheck ‘Link to Previous’ on the Navigation group on the Header & Footer Tools tab. The tab comes up when you double click on the header or footer area.
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