Brochet Paste goes down a storm at November launch

Brochet Paste was very well received at its launch to a group of invited guests from the law industry in London on November 26th in the very pleasant surroundings of the RSA on John Adam Street off the Strand in London.

What Brochet Paste does

  • Convert documents on which you have been collaborating
  • Repair documents
  • Insert numbered text from other sources – email, web, pdf – basically anything you can copy to the clipboard from
  • Move large chunks of text between the Operative and Schedule part of the document without having to worry about re-applying the correct styles.

The launch was attended by representatives from nine law firms together with a corporate lawyer and law firm suppliers. Attendees included lawyers, IT personnel , trainers and legal secretaries.

The afternoon began with tea & coffee and an opportunity to chat as people arrived. David Pike of Brochet then opened the formal presentation by outlining the background to where the idea for Brochet Paste came from and why is would be of interest to law firms.

Why Brochet Paste?

  • 90% of lawyers draft and review documents daily
  • 50% of lawyers spend two or more hours a day on drafting
  • 10 – 40% of Associates and PA time is spent formatting documents
  • 51% of corporate legal depts have fired law firms ‘due to sub-par document quality or delivery’
  • Law firms use content form a variety of sources including 58% who use content from the internet

Then Nikki Pike continued with a live demonstration of Brochet Paste. She set up the scenario of a lawyer who receives an Agreement document from a client which needs to be converted to house style and have various changes made to it before being returned. She then showed Brochet Paste in action, explained what is going on under the bonnet of Brochet Paste and explored some scenarios and situations that may arise when editing documents.

Using Brochet Paste she converted a 30 page Agreement document with lots of formatting and style issues into a clean perfectly formatted document in five mins. In that time she had also imported text from an email and moved text between different parts of the document.

All with one click of Brochet Paste

And what about…..

A question was asked as to how long it would take to convert a 200 page document and Nikki talked about how she watched a 600 page document being converted at Bond Dickinson in three minutes.

Someone asked whether Brochet Paste needed specific templates to work, Nikki replied that it can be used on any legal document that is set up with legal paragraph numbering. The question arose as to whether it could be used on a Letter and Nikki explained that it can, that Brochet Paste can recognise that a document is a letter and use letter logic in it.

There was also some discussion about landscape pages and whether these are used in legal documents. There followed a discussion about pdf’s and the differences between pdf’s from different pdf makers and the need to proceed with caution when importing from pdf’s.


The demonstration was very well received. People were very impressed with Brochet Paste and had not seen a comparable product.

After the formal presentation there were drinks when people could chat and ask more in-depth questions or try Brochet Paste for themselves. Some enterprising attendees tried testing it to destruction and were impressed that it proved too robust for their efforts.

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