Craft and detail matter

Our objective is to save companies significant time and allow them to deliver consistently branded documents to enhance their reputation with clients.

Founded by Nikki Pike, Brochet has been established for over 20 years.

The driving force behind our approach is to make the experience for the end user as simple and intuitive as possible. If we do our job really well users almost don’t notice as it’s so natural. But don’t be under any illusion – a simple experience for users takes a great deal of work behind the scenes.

The business is built on a rare mix of a boundless knowledge of Microsoft Office, talented developers and an understanding of branding and design.

Our skills

  • understanding how individual businesses work and advising how systems and Microsoft Office can be optimised to support organisations
  • understanding the role of branding and reputation management and its impact on client facing documentation
  • developing Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel functionality, mainly using VBA and XML.
  • getting Microsoft Office programs to integrate smoothly with document management systems, databases and bid / proposal generation systems

We work in all versions of Microsoft Office. We have successfully migrated many of our clients to newer versions of Office.

The easiest way to get to grips with our templates is to see them working live. We are very happy to come and show you some of our work and discuss any frustrations you may have. Alternatively we demonstrate live over the internet using WebEx. We also have a short video of letter and report templates in use .

We also have an older video of a how a letter template would be used. It is for Office 2003 but the principles still hold good.


Get in touch

Brochet Ltd
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Phone: 01264 560940
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