Our values

Respect the user

We believe in the carrot but definitely not the stick. We help users, listen to their needs and are flexible in our approach; rather than being restrictive and prescribed. It means happier users, and much more reliable and professional results.

Intuitive interface and tools

We strive to make our interface feel like a natural extension of Microsoft Word, rather than bolting on a new package with a whole new interface to learn along with it. As the interaction is familiar and straightforward, minimal training is required and the presentation will be consistent across users.

Robust and error free

We pride ourselves on making our code as error free as possible. We have many clients who have been using our templates for five or more years and haven’t reported any bugs or errors in the code during this period.

Error messages

We continually refine our code to check that users aren’t trying to use a facility in an inappropriate place. Rather than just stopping the function (for example: insert landscape page) we display a message explaining why the function is not available.

Up to date with Microsoft

We have an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office and the differences between the its various versions. Microsoft often make changes between versions, which are not fully documented but can have a big effect on the finished Word files, we stay on top of these changes and modify our products to accommodate them.

For example:

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