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Improving reliability

We developed a bid and proposal Microsoft Word template together with a PowerPoint template for Network Rail Consulting.

A second division in Network Rail, Infrastructure Projects (NRIP), saw what we had done and decided to adapt it to become their report template. It has subsequently been rolled out to 1,000 users.

NRIP use Qvidian to access standard content and help build reports. We streamlined the interaction with Word so that once a document is created users are able to use our full suite of editing tools in the environment that is natural and intuitive to them – Microsoft Word.

Following a successful pilot with 100 users across our regions within the UK we are rolling out the template to 1,000 employees. One senior manager estimates that for his group if they save an hour a week it would deliver savings of £150,000 per year, so across the NRIP this could well reach in the region of £1m. But not only do the templates save time, they dramatically improve the professionalism, branding and consistency of documents. Brochet’s templates are professional and robust and can be evolved at any time when the business requires changes.
Scott Rodriguez
Service Delivery Manager – IP Systems & Support
Network Rail


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