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Enhancing productivity in law firms during challenging times

A recent article published by The Law Society highlighted that amidst current market conditions, law firms continue to face significant challenges in 2023, underscoring the criticality of productivity in law firms.

Increasing Demands

As clients seek greater value, it’s crucial to prioritize efficiency and smarter work approaches.

Embracing technology and improving lawyers’ work sets law firms up for a sustainable future with technology’s pivotal role. To stay competitive amid the challenging UK market, law firms prioritize delivering excellence and value to clients.

To remain competitive, law firms must do what they can to deliver excellence and value to their clients, especially while the UK market remains challenging.

Opportunities to increase productivity in law firms

Lawyers often struggle with inconsistent organization of Word documents, templates, and managing DMS interactions in Microsoft.

Nikki Pike, Co-Founder of Brochet, emphasises the legal sector’s document consistency and organisational challenges faced by lawyers daily: “We speak to lawyers on a daily basis, and all are facing the same issue when it comes to organising their documents and precedent libraries”.

Reducing user complications in DMS interaction and automating document profiling and saving saves time, reduces errors, and minimizes stress.

Implementing Kutana + Brochet’s Legal Desktop system boosts law firms’ productivity with tailored tools and templates.

Some other benefits include the following:

  • Intuitive and easy to use, with a client ribbon that makes it easy to access the tools you need.
  • Enables seamless integration with iManage and other DMS, allowing easy access to documents without application switching.
  • Ability to build a precedent library specific to your firm’s needs and that can be easily customized for each client and matter.
  • Reducing the opportunity for human error ensures that documents are professional, accurate, and aligned with the firm’s house style

To find out more about Brochet’s Legal Desktop, please click here.