Wide-ranging experience of working with law firms

Microsoft Word is a business critical application for all law firms and the most heavily used application by all legal staff.  Making it work harder for your firm will reduce time written off.

Brochet have 20 years experience working in the legal sector.  Our template solutions are currently used by several top 50 UK law firms (see Client List for details).

Our work focuses on three main areas:

  • Templates for legal letters and legal documents
  • Seamless integration with DM and CRM systems
  • Bid and proposals and marketing materials

Our approach

We believe that efficiency and productivity comes from concentrating on the experience for the user, rather than adding a complex and ‘clever’ system. We design our interface to be as intuitive as possible, to minimise the number of clicks to complete a task and to be easy for IT to manage.

Our templates are robust and reliable. We recently had a client come back to us for a tweak to our print routine after 10 years of use.

Document management systems (DMS)

For most law firms the driving force behind the use of legal word templates is a smooth integration with document management systems (DMS). We have experience with a range of different document management systems using both front and back end profiling. This can really increase efficiency which means that users can produce more documents in a shorter time.

We have integrated our Word templates with the following DMS systems:
  • Humming bird / DocsOpen
  • Iris
  • Lawsoft
  • Solcase
  • SOS
  • Filesite /Worksite 8.3 /Worksite 9.0



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