Streamline your legal documents

Brochet Legal templates are a set of standard, off-the-shelf legal templates for the creation of legal documents. There are 3 standard templates; Agreement document, Court document and Letter document. This Letter document in addition can be used for creation of non-legal letters and legal numbered letters.


Automatic Legal Numbering

The templates are set up with Automatic Legal numbering using UKDEG Standard Style names and structure. These are accessible from a set of easy-to-use user tools on the ribbon. The automatic numbering scheme is the same in all three templates so that gives consistency throughout all documents and flexibility to use the Letter template as a legally numbered document.

Standard Ribbon

The ribbons on each of the standard templates have the same layout so that the users becoming familiar with one template can easily use the others.

Dialog Box Interface

All templates use dialog box for the insertion of information, thus the user can easily enter all the specific details for the document and is prompted to include all the standard information for the document.

Precedent Library Tool

The standard templates include the feature that the users have the ability to create their own Precedent Library. This means that precedent documents are available with a single mouse-click.

Brochet Paste

Brochet Paste is an integral feature of the standard templates that allows users to import text from existing documents and reformat it in less than 5 mins. For more information on Brochet Paste click here.

Automatic Signature Blocks

A further feature included is automatic signature blocks. With these the users can create and save signature blocks which are available to use in all legal documents.

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