Convert and repair legal numbered text and documents

Brochet PASTE is an intelligent pasting tool specifically designed for legal numbered Word documents.

Unlike competitive products Brochet PASTE solves all the typical issues with documents in one routine, requiring just one click from the user. The user doesn't have to work with multiple tools to achieve the same end. Moreover, any lawyer or fee earner can use Brochet PASTE, not just DPU. All that is required is a short, simple familiarisation and explanation as opposed to a significant training programme.

So in one pass Brochet Paste:

Restyles the file but it does not need to be mapped for each type of document


Removes any imported paragraph styles


Repairs any numbering including manual numbering


Keeps any mark-up including track changes, footnotes, comments and cross references


Annotates any changes made to the document so the user can quickly check on integrity of the new document.

In contrast one of the main competitive products says you should allow two hours to repair a document with lots of issues. Brochet PASTE will deal with the same issues in five minutes.

With Brochet PASTE installed as an add-in to Microsoft Word users can paste any legal text from the clipboard into a legal document. The pasted text will be correctly formatted with the relevant legal style, numbering is repaired and other formatting inconsistencies are identified with comments.

Key advantages of Brochet Paste

  • Any text that can be copied into the clipboard can be pasted using Brochet Paste eg from Word documents, pdf, Web, email.
  • The correct legal styles are applied to each paragraph. No unwanted styles are brought into the document with the copied text.
  • Manually numbered paragraphs are automatically converted into the correct auto numbered paragraph style.
  • All elements, apart from paragraph styles, are retained with the text copied from Word including:
  • local font formatting such as bold, underline and italics
  • cross references
  • footnotes
  • tracked changes
  • other objects such as tables, text boxes, image files etc.
  • The integrity of the copied text/document (eg two consecutive paragraphs without numbering) is checked and Brochet comments are added to the relevant paragraphs for the user to review.
  • Converts a 100 page document in less than two minutes
Brochet Paste is a great little tool that sits behind our new firm house style and Word templates. It is super-fast and very easy to use – and makes it far easier to deal with complex formatting, large chunks of text and conflicting styles. Secretaries and lawyers alike across our business use it especially to handle client and third party documents – making significant savings on time and cost, maximising efficiencies and improving turnaround.

Paul Harvey

Head of Knowledge and Legal Training

Bond Dickinson LLP


Typical uses for Brochet Paste

Converting precedent documents from an old layout into your new house style.

Converting client documents into your house style. As well as converting and repairing the document Brochet Paste will not bring any of the client paragraph styles into your document.

Converting pdf documents into house style. Pdf makers will convert a pdf into a manually numbered Word document. Brochet Paste can then be used to convert this text into your correct house style with one click.

Inserting text from other sources such as additional clauses from the web or email. Brochet Paste recognises where the text is being pasted into the target document and will use the correct legal styles eg Operative or Schedule styles.

Repairing corrupt numbering perhaps when documents have been returned from a client with corrupt numbering. Rather than try and unpick what the client has been doing, using Brochet Paste will repair any local corruption.

Moving clauses between the Operative and Schedule areas of a document. Brochet Paste understands where you are in the document so it will reapply the correct styles when text is copied and pasted between the Schedule and Operative sections.

I convert three to four 40 -50 page documents a week. Each one used to take a couple of hours; now it takes just five minutes for Word and a bit more for pdfs. Copying different numbering styles, Brochet Paste resolves it all. It’s fantastic!

Secretary, Property team

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