Swift & simple cross referencing for lawyers

Our cross reference tool takes all the hard work out of creating cross-references in a document.

Brochet Cross reference is an intelligent tool specifically designed to insert cross references easily into auto or manually numbered legal documents.

In order to insert references in their preferred house style most firms rely on experienced staff.  This is especially true for client documents which often contain manual numbered paragraphs. Brochet Cross reference has been designed as a one click solution which can be used by anybody and will insert the automatic cross reference in the correct house style.

Key features & benefits

  • Saves time
  • Works for both automatic and manually numbered paragraphs
  • If required the words ‘Clause’, ‘Paragraph’ etc can be included as part of the reference
  • One click to insert a cross reference in preferred style (for example ‘Clause 1.1 of Part 1 of Schedule 2’ uses three separate links)
  • Dialog box lists options when there an alternative option/s for the reference
  • The cross reference tool works seamlessly alongside Brochet Paste

User experience

The cross reference tool halves the time to convert a pdf document.

It’s absolutely brilliant. I love it.

Even an idiot could use it

It is amazing that something so simple saves so much time.

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