Managing legal documents

Our law firm clients generally have three main requirements when working with MS Word:

  • a set of consistent paragraph styles to create of auto-numbered legal documents
  • integration with the Document Management system and
  • a simple easy to use print solution.


The core legal templates

Typical templates we create for law firms are:

  • Letter and Fax, including client care letter
  • Note to File / Attendance note
  • Legal Report
  • Agreement


At Brochet we are aware of the importance of auto-numbering of legal documents. Our templates in MS Word make this simple and easy to access and use.

The UK Document Excellence Group suggest a set of standard legal style names. Unless we need to retain the client’s style names we recommend that these style names are used.

The need to have a set of standard auto-numbered house styles is often the catalyst for a law firm to review its templates.

Our solution is to create a single set of auto-numbered paragraph styles that is flexible enough to work for all the different legal departments eg Litigation; who usually only require two levels of numbering, or Property; who frequently need four or even five levels of numbering.

These buttons on the ribbon provide the various legal styles that can be used to edit the Operative part of the document flexibly. Up to 6 levels of numbering are available and these can easily be accessed on the ribbon to apply them to the document.

microsoft word 2013 legal numbering single ribbon


microsoft word 2013 legal numbering schedule toolbar

You can also expand this to access buttons for editing Schedules. This adds a separate set of buttons under the same principle so that the numbering can be renewed at the start of the schedules.

Alternatively these buttons may be accessed via a floating window, as shown. This allows other tabs to be used on the main ribbon.

microsoft word 2013 legal numbering floating window
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