Business development in law firms

The ability to create effective marketing documents  is vital in a highly competitive environment. This is true not only for bids and proposals but also for all client facing documents and presentations.

Our templates produce documents that look as good as those created by a dedicated design team using Adobe InDesign. They are simple to use and allow practitioners to produce bid documents themselves, freeing up the marketing department to concentrate on the key pitches.

Bid / Proposal templates

We are able to perfectly match designs provided by brand agencies (typically using Adobe InDesign). Many of our templates contain tools that are very specific to the client branding but are still easy to use when they are rolled out to the whole company.

Microsoft Word bid proposal template

Credential / Flyer / Case study templates

These templates are used to create standalone documents which can then be incorporated into a bid / proposal document. This allows for consistency between all company documents from reports to flyers to case studies.

microsoft word case study flyer template

Contact / Team sheet templates

These allow the users to quickly and easily create a team sheet for a specific client meeting. Again these templates are unique to each client and match their specifications, company structure and branding.

microsoft word contact team sheet template

Profile / CV templates

Many clients need a quick and easy way to insert the profiles or CVs of the team members into a bid / proposal document. We have a number of solutions which work across both Word and PowerPoint and only require a few clicks of a button.

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