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We prepare presentations and templates for clients.

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Much of the work is about setting up Microsoft PowerPoint precisely and accurately. What we produce in PowerPoint can be divided into three main areas:

  1. PowerPoint presentations - taking an existing presentation and implementing formatting consistent with your designs or corporate guidelines.
  2. PowerPoint templates (master presentations) - developing master slides and preparing pre-populated slides in line with your corporate branding.
  3. Macros and add-ins - giving users easy to use toolbars and buttons to perform tedious and repetitive tasks making the creation of corporate presentations quicker and more consistent.

Corporate slide deck

Clients want an easy way to control and reuse slides that have standard or boilerplate content whilst ensuring they remain on brand.

Brochet Presentation Manager is an add-in for PowerPoint allowing the standard slides (eg company description or biographies) to be managed centrally whilst being available to users throughout the organisation. In this way it is possible to ensure that all the core, or standard, slides are up to date and consistent throughout all company presentations. Click here for more information.

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