99% of fee earners say that Microsoft Word is critical to their work

We commissioned The Lawyer to look at law firms’ attitude to Microsoft Word and users’ experience of working with it. You can download a full copy of the report at the bottom of this page.

Word can seem rather unglamorous alongside AI or an all-encompassing practice management package so it may not attract the management focus of other technology issues. In our experience we see a varying commitment to Word from law firms, independent of their size.

The research shows that Microsoft Word is seen as a fundamental tool for fee earners. Despite this a substantial proportion of fee earners and IT staff feel that their firm does not get enough out of Word or that they do not invest enough in Word.

There is a similar story around irregular delivery of training because it is often assumed that new recruits already know how to use Word.

Lawyers spend a material part of their day working on documents that are ultimately the only tangible record of their service. The report shows that the respondents believe that helping fee earners to produce documents faster, more accurately and in the correct house style will be valued by clients and deliver time savings.

We have a tool, Brochet Paste,  that addresses working with numbering and converting to house style that lawyers identify as one of their key bugbears.

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