Nikki Pike

Nikki Pike

Founding Director

Nikki is the founding director of Brochet. She brings together extensive technical expertise with an understanding of what users and clients really value and how to make their lives easier when working with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Having worked closely with many law firms, Nikki is very familiar with the particular requirements of legal documents. This together with her complete understanding of Microsoft Word and her passion for pushing it to its limits to give clients what they need mean that Brochet’s template solutions generally exceed client expectations. Nikki has served as a committee member of the Document Excellence Group and is a champion of the DEG’s style naming convention.

Her adventure with Microsoft Word began as a freelance contractor with GlaxoWellcome developing templates for drug submissions in accordance with the exacting guidelines of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Following more projects with law firms and the BBC, Brochet started to take on a more distinct character and we started to build our own client base.

Nikki’s programming experience goes back to her days at university when, during her MSc in Palynology course at Sheffield, she enrolled on a two-week computer science course which led to her being trained as a programmer at Marconi working on torpedo guidance. She then programmed complex tax liability calculator for Deloitte Haskins and Sells before spending eight years at Bankers Trust in IT support.

In all that time the driving ethos has remained the same – to make clients’ lives easier – and we are constantly developing new features and capabilities in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

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