Autotext styles problem in Microsoft Word 365

We had reports of problems appearing in the some of the paragraph styles in our client Word templates running in Microsoft 365. Styles are being randomly changed in a block of Autotext when we insert it into a document.

It seems to affect styles associated with numbering built into the style. We thought at first the style had corrupted but after much more investigation we were able to isolate and recreate the problem.

Paragraph styles in saved blocks of Autotext are randomly reassigned to a new style. We have established that only affects Word 365. It does not affect Word in Office 10, 13 or 16.

This problem was introduced in June 2nd 2020 Version 2005 (Build 12827.20268) of Word in Microsoft 365. The last working version was May 21st 2020 Version 2004 (Build 12730.20352)

For the IT community if you felt you needed to roll back to an earlier version here is an article that may help – How to revert to an earlier version of Office

We have successfully rolled back a test machine.

Microsoft has accepted that there is an issue and has taken details of the problem. They have not given us any information on when and if the issue will be resolved.

If you’d like to talk to us about any of the issues feel free to give us a call – 01264 560940

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Cloud fonts in Microsoft 365

There is a listing of fonts available in Cloud versions of Microsoft Office – that is Word, PowerPoint, Excel. There are the same fonts that are available in desktop applications.

This is where you find a listing of the fonts.

Cloud fonts are available to Microsoft Office 365 subscribers on all platforms anddevices. Documents that use cloud fonts will render correctly in Office 2019. You can embed cloud fonts for use with older versions of Office.

Finally, there is a Guide to Cloud Fonts in Microsoft Office 365 that gives you an illustration of every font plus one or two brief notes.

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