Simple but powerful

Using a powerful Microsoft template is the most effective way of increasing productivity as well as maintaining the brand.

Key benefits

  • Easy to use solutions – minimal training. Most clients are able to start using our templates after maximum of an hour’s demonstration or without training at all.
  • Easy to install and maintain – no additional IT costs because all our templates are developed within MS Word or PowerPoint (using VBA and Visual Studio). All company information (address details etc) is held in a single, separate data file allowing the client to make text changes (new office address, partner details) with minimum testing.
  • Value for money – one client installed a suite of our Word templates in 2003 and did not require our help until 2007 when they re-branded. During this time they moved offices twice and opened a number of new European offices, the details of which appeared on their letterheads without requiring any additional input from us.
  • Improved productivity – staff can create documents in the corporate style swiftly and efficiently without having an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • Highly reliable and robust – using a separate data file means that changes do not affect the functioning of the templates and reduces the testing / down time.
  • Consistent corporate brand – all employees can create documents that have a consistent and professional look and feel.
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