Streamline proposal document production

Bid submissions need to be engaging, professional and demonstrate attention to detail. We help clients to produce impressive tender documents quickly and easily to give them a real competitive edge.

We save companies significant time by helping them to quickly and reliably produce high quality, professional and consistently branded documents in Microsoft Office.

We have a 2 min video illustrating the features that can help streamline document production in Microsoft Word.

May Gurney Tender document produced in Word working with Lloyd Northover

Example of bid / proposa/ tender document

Key benefits

  • Easy to use needing minimal training.
  • Easy to install and maintain. All code held within Word so no need to purchase additional software. Clients are able to update details themselves (office addresses, tel nos etc).
  • Consistent corporate brand everyone can create documents that have a consistent and professional look and feel.
  • Easy to collaborate on documents. Users can work on a shared document without any presentation issues.
  • Value for money One off purchase with no ongoing licencing fee
  • Improved productivity Staff can create documents in the corporate style faster and without in-depth knowledge of Word.
  • Highly reliable and robust We stand behind our code and will fix any bugs.

Buro Happold tender and proposal document

Working directly with Buro Happold

Buro Happold bid/proposal template



Bid proposal template key features

Many clients need to create complex, professional bid documents under tight time constraints. To achieve a professional document clients often use a graphics team working with InDesign. We can achieve the same outcome but with regular users delivering it from Word speeding up and simplifying the process.

Versatile templates

A single template can be used for both complex multi-page reports and short 1-2 page reports. Below is an example new document dialog box allowing the user to select the elements required for a new bid / submission document.

Example Bid Template New document dialog box

Well organised, custom ribbons

As with all our templates access to the bespoke styles and macros is via a client tab on the ribbon.

Main part of Buro Happold custom ribbon

The client tab contains a mix of standard Word buttons and the bespoke editing tools. Users only have to use features outside the ribbon in rare one off situations

Different page / section layouts

We can deliver different page layouts for different parts of the bid. For example two column pages for the main text area and single column pages for the appendix areas. Switching between these different layouts can be very difficult and tedious using standard word commands but with Brochet’s specialised macros this process can be done via a click of a button.

Bid Template new page / section dialog box

Picture placeholders

The insertion of images is usually the process users find really difficult especially when adhering to a strict design. To make this task easier we include a facility to insert pre-defined picture placeholder. These placeholders then contain double click macro buttons for the selection and automatic insertion of the picture, image or Excel chart.

Below is an example of the drop down list of different placeholder types that can be inserted into a page.

Bid template picture placeholders dropdown list

Below is an image of a page with a ‘Bottom of page – 3 images’ placeholder inserted, The user has inserted the three images using the ‘double click to insert image’ buttons. This macro allows the user to select the image and then automatically inserts the image then resizes it to fit the placeholder and finally reset the placeholder to align the image(s) to the bottom of the page.

Bid template 3 image placeholder page

The users love this facility.

Updating existing documents

In  addition to producing the template clients we can also help clean up documents with content from existing sources  (i.e. not produced using the template) or simply to help produce extremely large documents.


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