Quick, simple printing

For clients who regularly create a large numbers of letters each day we have created a quick and easy print routine allowing the final letters to be quickly printed to the correct paper. This print routine can be accessible in two ways:

Option 1 – Print dialog box

Microsoft Word 2003 quick print dialog box
Where there are a large number of regularly used print options we have developed a simple, but comprehensive print dialog box.  Knowing the printer setup and which paper trays hold the letterhead, continuation and plain paper we can build a macro to select all the options from a single window.

Option 2 – Quick print buttons on the toolbar

In very busy offices, where three clicks are too much, an alternative facility is to have some single click buttons on the toolbar eg  ‘Print to Letterhead’ or ‘Print to Plain paper’. Below is a section of a toolbar showing the H button – Print to headed paper and P button – Print to plain paper.

Microsoft Word 2003 quick print toolbar


The user can select the default printer for these buttons by using the SetDefaultPrinters button. The following dialog box is then displayed allowing the user to select the required printer from a drop down list.
Microsoft Word 2003 quick print drop down list
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