Create sophisticated reports swiftly and easily

Our Microsoft Word templates are the most effective way of increasing productivity as well as ensuring consistent implementation of your brand values.

They allow you to swiftly set up well-structured documents. They then give you the tools to add content and edit them reliably. One key benefit is that it is much easier to collaborate on documents when everyone uses the same template.

The code is robust and reliable and it is not unusual for clients to run our templates for more than five years without any issues.

report page examplesBelow is a fuller explanation explanation of what can be achieved.

How it works

If you want to get a better idea of what is involved we’ve illustrated below the main elements of a report template.

Client tab on the ribbon

When the user opens Microsoft Word the new client tab is visible in the ribbon:

Client Tab

New document button

Within the client tab are some standard Word buttons which are always handy to have available, some ‘rescue’ buttons, and the button ‘New document’ which allows a one click launch of the relevant template:

New Document

Opening dialog box

Choosing one of the pre-constructed templates from the drop-down list launches a new document and the initial dialog box where content can be entered by the client:

Opening Dialog Box

In the close-up below you can see a number of elements filled in. The fields included at this stage will vary from client to client. An obvious example would be a drop down for different office addresses or a drop down for individual contact details. The elements that have been added here are:

Dialog Box Diagram
  1. Document titles
  2. Document information
  3. Option to choose the level of detail in the table of contents
  4. Text for headers and footers
  5. The parts or sections in the new document


Clicking OK generates a new document. In this instance it includes all the elements which are ticked (see 5 above):

New Document plus Elements

Client tab (for report template)

There are then a series of tools on the Client tab designed to help users work with a document with greater ease.

Our underlying principle when we build a template is to collect together in one place the vast majority of commands and  buttons users will most need. Therefore it is easier to do things in the right way more efficiently. However for those times when you need very specific tools the user still has access to all of Word. Included within this client tab are:

microsoft word 2013 report template client tab
  1. Common Word features
  2. Style buttons
  3. Table formatting
  4. Image and chart placeholders


Common Word features (1)

microsoft word 2013 report template common word features client tab

This button includes features of Word that are most commonly used by clients such as new document, save, print and paste.

Also included here is the Starter docs buttons which can be read about in more detail here.


Style buttons (2)

Shortcut Buttons

One of the fundamental operations to create consistent, branded and structured documents is the use of Styles in documents. These buttons are shortcuts to the main styles in use.

Rolling over a button will give a brief description of how the text will be styled. Hovering over the orange D here gives this description:

Rolling Over

and clicking it changes the styles to:

Divider Page Style

Table formatting (3)

Tables on Tab

There is also a specific Table Group on the client tab.

Clicking ‘New Table’  creates a dialog box with familiar layout but additional options added by us:

Table Dialog Box

This then generates a table in the client’s defined style which can then be filled in freely:

Table with Style
Re-formatting existing table

With an unformatted existing table you can use the Reformat buttons on the Table tab to format either individual cells or an entire table to correspond to the client’s defined style.

Reformating Table

Selecting ‘Quick re-format the whole table’ updates the table to the same style as the newly generated table seen earlier:

Reformated Table

Image and chart placeholders (4)

Image Group

An image group on the client tab allows images to be easily added to the document:

Clicking on the photos button opens a dialog box with defined style options for photo grids:

Image Grids

This inserts a grid into the page where you can insert an image simply by double clicking. (In the example below, the option ‘show text boundaries’ is switched on so you can see how the grid is structured).


In other templates there may also be an option to insert an object that is selected in either MS PowerPoint or Excel. This allows a user to insert a chart or PowerPoint slide efficiently and in a tidy and consistent way.

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